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4G - India - TD LTE VS FD LTE

4G, the ultra-fast wireless technology succeeding 3G, is gradually being deployed worldwide by various network operators. Well, 4G still doesn’t have worldwide penetration and implementation, but is soon catching up. In this article lets see what this technology is all about.

Advantages of 4G :

·       Ultra fast wireless internet speed : According to IMT-Advanced specification, 4G specification should employ peak speed of 100mbps for mobile conditions and 1gbps for stationary condition. Although, such speeds are not yet fully implemented on current 4G networks worldwide, still speed is much faster than 3G network. LTE-Advanced release 10 promises IMT-A compliance. Currently, operators are starting with LTE deployments so that in future, upgrading the network to LTE-Advanced would be easy.

·       With such speed, you can enjoy the next-generation multimedia online. 4G will help in cloud gaming and will increase the scope of web usage.

·       Video Conferencing will be at best quality in realtime view.

·       Sharing and cloud internet/services will receive a bigger boost.

There are two types of 4G standard – 1.LTE , 2. WiMax.

LTE is dominant, more popular, worldwide accepted. When we hear of 4G, we hear of LTE.

There are two types of LTE standard : LTE FDD (FD-LTE) and LTE TDD (TD-LTE).Let us see the differences between TD-LTE and FD-LTE

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. FD LTE stands for Frequency Division LTE whereas TD LTE stands for Time Division LTE. FD LTE utilizes two channels one for download, other one for uplink whereas TD LTE utilizes single unpaired channel for downlink as well as uplink. TD LTE is still being tested and is not fully mature. LTE/4G devices including smartphones are countries/continent/network dependent. 4G phones bought in US will not be compatible on 4G network in India and vice versa. In India, Airtel has rolled out its 4G services in Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune based on TD-LTE. Cellular voice calling is not yet supported on airtel 4G.

In India, Infotel has bragged 4G license for pan-India rollout. Infotel’s 4G has been bought by Reliance Industries. Reliance Infotel’s 4G is not yet launched in India but we expect its launch sooner and in phases. R & D department is working to create effective solution/service on to-be-launched 4G network so that users could also avail calling services.