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Cheapest 3G Network in India

Several telecom networks in India are offering 3G data services in various parts of country but 3G is not cheaper at all. Although, the cost of data packs have gone down seriously with time, yet it is still considered unreasonable for customers who’re heavy users. There are no truly unlimited 3g data plan offered by any operator. Somewhere, availability of strong 3G signal becomes issue. As per my experience, Reliance 3G is the cheapest of all. Note that I’ve experienced and tested Airtel 3G, Idea 3G in addition to Reliance. When I was in Delhi, MTNL 3G appeared to me the cheapest (Still, MTNL 3G in Delhi seems cheapest to me) but MTNL 3G service is not available pan India. Reliance covers many parts of India. In comparison to Airtel where you’re charged Rs.1500 for 10 Gb, Reliance 3G charges just Rs.1300 for 15 GB. Also, the speed of Reliance 3G is good and in no way inferior to Airtel 3G. Furthermore, Reliance 3G has several long term plans also, like for Rs.3000, you can subscribe to 30 GB data pack which has a validity of 6 months – This roughly cost you just Rs.500 each month for data of 5 GB. This is one reasonable plan suitable for users of medium kind. For users like me who spends most of their time on internet watching videos, surfing all day, downloading stuff – the highest value pack is suitable which is 15 GB pack. I wish if the data tariff could have room for unlimited 3g plans and packs for users like me. In India, 3G is the only portable high speed internet solution so we have to resort to this. 1gbps, 100mbps – these kind of affordable internet connections remain just on paper and in news, not available on the actual ground, so we’ve to leave with the limited option that we have for now. I wish that 4G could start soon in all parts of India so that we could have awesome internet speed as there is in other countries.

Reliance 3G Data Packs Tariff